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USBackbone is a leading nationwide wholesale dialup, VoIP, and Internet software and solutions provider.

Become a reseller virtually overnight and let us handle the costly services that are necessary to operate  an Internet telecom business.

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Our Beginnings

Founded in early 1999, USBackbonesm has been providing Internet related services to ISPs, large corporations, and affinity groups across the United States.

Our roots, prior to becoming a wholesale provider, were in providing ISP services at the retail level since 1998. Gradually our business model changed to accommodate a high demand for quality, low cost wholesale dialup access and ISP services from internet related companies looking to become ISPs, as well as established regional ISPs looking to reduce their costs and expand their footprint to include nationwide dialup access.

By developing strategic alliances with industry leading internet technology companies, USBackbonesm has been able to deliver and is continuing to expand the products offered to its Resellers.  More so now then ever before, our Resellers are realizing substantial profits due in part to the enormous growth of the internet, and the low cost services USBackbonesm has to offer.

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Today, USBackbonesm is a leading wholesale provider with companies reselling our services as their own in virtually every major city and town across the nation.  Our Resellers range from small virtual ISP's, to regional facility based ISP's, to major corporations and affinity groups.

In 2002 we began building what has become a vastly superior dialup IP network with local access nationwide.  Based on our current footprint of nearly 14,000 dialup locations and our advanced network technology, USBackbone's dialup IP network is ranked second to none.

In 2005 USBackbone began working with its technology partner to introduce a wholesale Voice over IP (VoIP) product.  At the end of 2005 we began provisioning the first of our resellers.

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Quick Facts

Established in 1998 as a retail lnternet Service Provider
Began wholesale ISP sales in 1999
Continually expanding our  products and offerings
Today an industry leading wholesale provider
Introduced our nationwide dialup IP network in 2002
Introduced our VoIP product in 2005
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Wholesale Dialup
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