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We Specialize in VoIP , Hosted PBX  Broadband and Dialup Solutions for
ISP's, CLEC's, and affinity groups

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USBackbone is a leading provider of Voice over IP (VoIP), Hosted PBX and dialup Internet solutions.

Become a reseller virtually overnight and let us handle the high costs and headaches as we manage these services for you.

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Merchant Account?

Accept these cards at best rates possible!

NO Application Fees
NO Annual Fees
NO AVS (Verification) Fees
NO Leasing
NO Termination Penalties
NO Batch Header Fees
2.10% VISA/MasterCard
$0.20 per Transaction
$10.00 Monthly Service Fee (includes Statement)
Toll Free 24/7 Support

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USBackbone is your source for the following:

  • Wholesale VoIP

  • Wholesale PBX

  • Broadband - High Speed Internet

  • Wholesale Dialup

USBackbone provides direct access to custom branded VoIP, Hosted PBX, Broadband High Speed Internet and Dialup Internet. We provide solutions to ISP's, CLEC's, affinity groups, non-profit organizations and businesses with a desire to seize the enormous opportunities in reselling these services as their own.

Our consistent, top-rated performance and reliability ensures the results our clients require, and clearly demonstrates the measurable difference our contributions are having on their ultimate success.

The difference is measurable...
Our solutions offer you the highest in quality services! This provides greater operational control, and the ability to quickly tailor them to fit your specific needs.
Our Network Operations Center are state-of-the-art and unmatched throughout the industry!
Custom branding is key!  We offer complete custom branding solutions that work for you completely behind the scenes.
Great wholesale pricing on VoIP, Hosted PBX and Dialup services, plus many extras you won't find elsewhere.
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 Wholesale VoIP
Custom branded VoIP solutions for ISPs, affinity groups, organizations, etc.

Wholesale PBX
Hosted PBX solutions. Resell VoIP phone systems in virtually any configuration.

Independent Agent  $$$
Earn substantial monthly residual for your marketing efforts.

Wholesale Dialup
Custom branded Dialup solutions for ISPs, affinity groups, organizations, etc.
Become an ISP

Call Center
Outsource your support headaches to our highly trained & friendly support staff.

Merchant Accts.
Credit Card processing/payment solutions. Best rates! No setup fees!

Tips, webmaster tools and resources, SEO & traffic improvement, affiliate programs, etc.
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